Jin Jiang Launched Comprehensive J-Club Loyalty Program

Jin Jiang International Hotel Management launched a new, comprehensive loyalty program, “Jin Jiang J Club” in conjunction with Jin Jiang E-commerce Company and other business units within the Jin Jiang Group. The new program reward Jin Jiang’s 3.5 million members when they stay in Jin Jiang Group’s hotels, purchase domestic and overseas travel packages, air-tickets, utilize car rental and 4S auto services and much more.
Members will also be recognized for their loyalty with discount and privileges for members with premier statuses, including discounts on car rentals, gift packs for vehicle purchases, as well as 10% off of car maintenance. While members spend on their vacation, Jin Jiang Group’s three leading travel agencies will provide professional services with attractive discounts applying to both domestic and outbound travel. With the increments of these optional offers, members will have wider flexibility in earning points, and will instantly get rewards back with multiple gifts or miles redemption.
Jin Jiang E-commerce also announced the launch of www.jinjiang.com online portal. This portal will bring together Jin Jiang Group’s various business units and their products and services to one place, showcasing the Group’s extensive reach in the hospitality and tourism industry.
"We have a very strong sales and marketing platform through a number of factors, "commented by Mr. Bernold Schroeder, the Chief Executive Officer of Jin Jiang International Hotel Management Company, "we have a well-established sales and marketing network and international sales offices in both China and key cities such as Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong. On top of these, our sister company, Jin Jiang Travel and Jin Jiang E-Commerce also add value and support our hotels. The synergy effect created the competitive advantage for Jin Jiang as a whole.” This initiative brings Jin Jiang Group one step ahead of its local competitors, providing its hotels with an impressive pool of loyal customers, adding yet another strong central sales channel for the hotels to capitalize on.”

About Jin Jiang International Hotel Management Company Ltd:

Jin Jiang International Hotel Management Company Ltd, the largest star rated hotel management company in China, has a portfolio of over 111 distinctive star rated hotels with a room inventory of over 34, 000 hotel rooms spread across 73 cities in China. Under the Jin Jiang branding concept, the company has a new premium “J” hotel brand, five star properties which include the renowned heritage collection, their four star Jin Jiang properties and the Marvel Hotels, which are geared more towards business travelers.
The company is part of Jin Jiang International Holdings Company Ltd. and together with their sister company Jin Jiang Inn and Interstate Hotels and Resorts, overall, the group privately owns and operates a collection of over 900 hotels ranging from premium upscale five star to economy hotels in more than 200 cities across China. In 2011, the Jin Jiang Group was ranked as the 9th largest chain globally amongst 325 top hotel companies worldwide in HOTELS Magazine’s annual ranking of the largest hotel chains in the world.

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