Enjoy a Taste of Jin Jiang with their 'Winter Treats Collection' Food Promotion

Shanghai, 30 December, 2014

With the arrival of the cold season, a selection of 8 four and five star Jin Jiang hotels across Shanghai are taking part in a special 'Winter Treats Collection' promotion which will showcase some of their best winter warmer dishes. Up until 28 February, 2015 each of the participating hotels is offering a 30% discount on one dish from the menus of one of their in house restaurants.
Jin Jiang is well known for its offerings of distinctive classic Chinese dishes created by award winning chefs, which over the decades have been favored by distinguished foreign dignitaries and top national leaders. Jin Jiang’s Chinese dishes were served during numerous formal functions held across the hotels.
Each of the carefully chosen dishes on offer during this promotion showcases Jin Jiang's culinary specialties and some of the best of Chinese fine dining cuisine, truly highlighting the glamorous history of the hotels. The dishes are filling, nutritional and contain a range of special ingredients known to promote good health and to help boost the immune system particularly during this time of the year. Dishes include the energy restoring clear chicken soup with ginseng, goji berries and yam at restaurant Le Fun at Jin Jiang Tower to the braised fish head with assorted shellfish of crab, shrimp and clams at Jian Guo Hotel's traditional Shanghai Restaurant. Park Hotel's chicken, scallion, ginger soup infused with a powdered blend of 13 kinds of Chinese herbal medicine ingredients, was a dish recognized and listed in 2012 as a Shanghai intangible cultural heritage.
This offer is now open and reservations must be made at least one day in advance and each table is limited to one special featured dish. Come and enjoy a tantalizing gastronomic adventure and experience the unique and traditional tastes of Jin Jiang.
For information on the dishes on offer, restaurant details of each hotel and to make reservations:

Hotel: Jin Jiang Hotel
Restaurant: Fortune Palace
Telephone: 86-21-32189888*9988

Hotel: Jin Jiang Tower
Restaurant: Le Fun
Telephone: 86-21-64151188*80418

Hotel: Park Hotel
Restaurant: Feng Ze Lou
Telephone: 86-21-63275225*777

Hotel: Rainbow
Hotel Restaurant: Flower Garden
Telephone: 86-21-62753388*3318

Hotel: Jian Guo Hotel
Restaurant: Shanghai Restaurant
Telephone: 86-21-64399299*3365

Hotel: Cypress Hotel
Restaurant: Jasmine Restaurant
Telephone: 86-21-62688868*81

Hotel: Pacific Hotel
Restaurant: Rome Hall
Telephone: 86-21-53529898*153

Hotel: Jing'an Hotel
Restaurant: Madrid Restaurant
Telephone: 86-21-62480088*6325

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Jin Jiang International Holdings Company Ltd. (“Jin Jiang” or the “Group”), is China’s premier     hospitality conglomerate, owner, developer and operator of hotels across all market segments. The Group manages, through its wholly owned subsidiary Jin Jiang International Hotel Management Company Ltd., the entire portfolio of owned and/or operated four and five-star hotels and its sister company Jin Jiang Inn which focuses on budget hotels. Jin Jiang International Hotels (Group) Company Ltd. is the leading operator and manager of hotels in China. Overall, the Group owns and operates a collection of over 1,566 hotels globally, and has a total room inventory in excess of 235, 000. Amongst them, 1,190 distinctive hotels and inns are located in more than 280 cities and towns within 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities across China. The Group is ranked as the 9th largest hotel company globally.
Every Jin Jiang hotel is a memorable reflection of its destination’s unique style and culture. Jin Jiang International Hotels, with its qualified hotel management background and passion for excellence, dedicates itself to offering reputable hospitality services to its valued customers. With experience originating from the 1920s, its core competitiveness has accelerated in recent years. Together, the professional corporate and hotel management teams have extensive international hospitality experiences and backgrounds. This renowned company is rapidly growing and continues to strengthen and build its brand presence in China in addition to building into a strong internationally known brand.
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